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UNI EN ISO 14001

The Board of Directors of Rame Service S.r.l. has formulated and is committed to promote an environmental management policy that identifies actions required to protect and to preserve the environment and the health and safety of its employees, and such that all products, services and related operations do not constitute a material risk for the ecosystem.

Rame Service environmental policy is as follows:
  1. To operate in full respect of environmental laws, regulations and any applicable technical directive;
  2. To systematically apply the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001 accreditation;
  3. To continuously assess the environmental impact of our products, activities and processes, and to adopt management procedures that guarantee the best possible safeguard of the environment;
  4. To involve our suppliers in our commitment to this policy and all environmental aspects and the impact of their operation in connection to Rame Service;
  5. To keep abreast of technological innovations, and to convert the indications on the state of the art of the sector in order to offer the best possible product to our customers;
  6. To eliminate wherever possible, or to reduce to a minimum emissions, wastage and rejections;
  7. To train all staff and to encourage proposals and initiatives aimed at the protection of the environment.

Every year, starting from the date of implementation of this policy, data related to the environmental performance will be analysed and, on the base of the results, overall plans will be formulated aimed at the continuous improvement of the above results and at prevention of pollution, from both a direct and, wherever possible, indirect sources.

From these annual plans, the Board will establish specific objectives and goals for every aspect of business, said objectives and goals will be monitored and measured at defined intervals, in order to guarantee their achievement.

Such monitoring will be benchmarked through the definition of specific and measurable key indicators, which will be subject of inclusion in periodic statistics introduced in the course of the periodic res-examination by the Board.

Objectives and goals will come circulated amongst all Area Managers and stakeholders, and will be always available for consultation.

The latest Policy will be distributed to all the staff who work on behalf of RAMESERVICE and will be available to the public and to anyone who may request them to the Board or to the Company Environmental Representative.

The above Environmental Policy is subject to monitoring and potential revision.

Nous allons renouveler sous peu notre certification ISO 14001.

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